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Mary Damon | Age 60 | Lost over 130 lbs


How does a person thank someone for giving them their life’s dream? That is the question I ask myself everyday ever since I have been working with Jonathan.  I think Jonathan would tell me the answer is to do my best and work my hardest to achieve my goal. But to me that is not enough.  I used to sit and get jealous of all the people I knew or saw on TV that would lose a lot of weight and think to myself “ I can never do that” or “That will never happen for me”. It’s that kind of negative thinking that got me in the position I was in. Then one day I walked into River Walk Cross Training and met Jonathan Gonzalez.  Who could have known it was going to be the best thing I ever did for myself.  I never ever thought I could reach such goals as I have with him.  He even took me grocery shopping to show me how to read labels and choose healthier foods for me and my family.I just recently dead lifted 270 pounds on a straight bar and took first place in an IPA competition for my age group and weight class!!! If anyone ever told me a year and a half ago that I would be doing that I would have given a blank stare and said what is a dead lift? I have learned so much and I have met some awesome people. He has a heart of gold and is very passionate about his work and is selfless to his own talents. He truly cares whether you succeed or not and takes it very seriously.  I will always be indebted to him for bringing me to a place I never thought I could go to.


Teddy Thomopoulus | Age 51 | Lost over 130 lbs

My name is Teddy and my journey started in June of 2012. My goal was to lose weight and to be healthy so that I can one day dance at my children’s wedding.   I didn’t know where to begin. I started attending Zumba Nation classes and doing machines at the gym for about a year and changed my eating habits. I lost just about 70 lbs but hit a plateau. When I met Jonathan I was stuck at 70 lbs weight loss, he knew exactly what to do, he changed my eating habits completely and put me through his High Intensity Interval Training. I quickly lost another 30 lbs! When he opened River Walk Cross Training our workouts got even better and he fine-tuned my eating plan to be a low sugar diet that made me lose another 30 lbs since they’ve been open. I am now down 130 lbs since June 2012 and I can’t thank River Walk Cross Training enough for everything they have done for me. I come everyday and take their classes. Their exercises are very challenging in terms of cardio and weight training. I’ve never felt so strong in my life. I’ve learned so many new exercises and techniques on proper form. I’ve also done things I’ve never even heard of. They are very creative and make exercise fun. With these amazing trainers, their workouts, their food plan, and some determination, anything is possible. My next goal is to lose another 60 lbs and I know I will with the help of the team at River Walk Cross Training Jonathan, Bobby, Adam, and JC. I am forever grateful for what they have given me.

Stacy Ramos | Age 36 | Lost over 130 lbs
There is no such thing as success without the aspect of failure.  After having my fourth child, I was at the heaviest point in my life causing me to have a lack of energy and health problems that overweight people commonly face.  My obesity forced me to dress in unattractive and colorless clothes.  At the same time I was stressing the importance of healthy eating and exercise to my four children.  Needless to say, my self-esteem was at an all time low because of my hypocrisy and negativity. There are many reasons why people gain weight but all of the above is why we need to lose it! Jonathan Gonzalez took control of my diet and exercise program.  Giving over my control to someone else is not an easy thing for me to do,  however, I never questioned the tasks he set forth for me.  In a very short time Jonathan recognized some of my strengths and pushed the envelope knowing I would give it everything I had.  He was always aware of my needs and my health.  This is the way he trains.  It is more than just a workout.  It is a foundation built on his expertise, training skills, and constant motivation that leads to reaching your goal.  He is a selfless trainer by celebrating the success of his client and yet maintaining a sense of modesty of his contributions to it. The sense of accomplishment I feel after every session with Jonathan is more rewarding than any workout at another gym. Women are inundated by a culture that looks for the easy way of losing weight by an array of different gimmicks, diets and pills. What worked for me was listening to Jonathan, following his healthy and nutritious diet, and most of all by working out as hard as I can under his guidance.
Csilla Hlacs Scott | Age 29 | Lost over 80 lbs

When I first started training with Jonathan I was a shining example of couch potato. My idea of a workout was walking for 30 minutes. The thought of working out in a gym scared me. Needless to say, I was extremely nervous to start personal training. That was almost a year ago and now, thanks to Jonathan, I am a couch potato turned into a gym rat. His passion for this job is quite obvious.  He offers an extensive knowledge of physical fitness and nutrition. (Expect to learn a lot!) The workouts are ever changing and very challenging – but most of all FUN! (Seriously!) He will push you to your limits and then push you even further. You can count on him for motivation and a positive attitude to keep you going. In the first month of working with Jonathan, I shred almost 18 inches all over my body. As the months pass I lose more weight and inches, my body is toned and my endurance is constantly increasing. I surprise myself with what I am able to accomplish in every session. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could be athletic and passionate about exercise.  While the physical change in my body is obvious, my mental state has also gotten a good workout. Prior to my personal training experience I was never a confident person; I had always been severely self-conscious. The idea of walking into a room full of people literally petrified me – never mind exercising in a gym full of people! I am extremely grateful for Jonathan’s help in changing my body for the better, but I am most thankful to him for opening the door to a side of myself I never knew existed. I am now confident enough to walk into any room, extremely motivated and I feel amazing! I owe this all to him! If you are looking for a comfortable workout environment and a motivating personal trainer, look no further. Jonathan is sincere in his desire to help you reach your goals. You will be training with the best of the best!


Michelle Robert | Age 46 | Lost over 100 lbs

I met Jonathan in July of 2012.  I was out of shape, overweight, and afraid of trying and failing.  I knew that I was clueless when it came to getting fit.  I hadn’t been in a gym since high school.  When I started, I had already lost 40 lbs on my own with a weight loss program.  I knew I needed to add activity to do this right. Then I signed up for personal training.  I feel so LUCKY that thru the luck of the draw that I met Jonathan.  He has changed my life.  Jonathan has shown me that I am capable of doing it.  He pushes me to do more.  I am challenged every time by something heavier or stronger or more strenuous.  I look forward to it.  I see Jonathan twice a week for personal training and take as many classes as I can. I am so thankful and appreciative of what he has taught me.  I have now lost a total of almost 100 lbs. I have dropped over 10 dress sizes and over 30”.  I am physically and mentally stronger than I have ever been.  I am so much happier and more confident.  With Jonathan’s support and expertise, both in training and with eating healthy, I know that reaching my goal is just around the corner.


Ashley Daniel | Age 32 | Lost over 100 lbs

Two years ago I realized that I needed to do something about my weight.  Over a ten year time frame, I gained 110 pounds.  Between, college and then my work from home job, I had gained so much weight.  I never realized how much I was gaining until it was too late.  I had a membership at The Edge Fitness Clubs that I never used, so I decided that I would start going.  I started using the elliptical and walking on the treadmill.  I was so happy when I finished a mile in 45 minutes two years ago.  Two weeks into going to the gym, I signed up for a Kettlebell Bootcamp with Jonathan Gonzalez.  I had no clue what I was in for, but I knew I had to add something extra for me to continue going.  That was the best decision I ever made.  I realized how out of shape I had become, I couldn’t even do jumping jacks for 30 seconds straight.  That just gave me the drive to keep going.  At the end of the 6 week class, I had lost 20 pounds.  Just that small weight loss, made me feel so much better.  I asked Jonathan at the end of the 6 weeks if he did personal training as well.  He said yes!  I signed up right then to start training with Jonathan twice a week for 30 minutes each session.  I also continued going to his Kettlebell Bootcamp class. I have now been training with Jonathan for almost two years and I attend just about every class he teaches.  I have lost 100 pounds and over 40 inches and I am still going and getting stronger each day.  I have had a complete change in my life.  The favorite part of my day is going to the gym and pushing myself further and further.  The more intense a workout is, the happier I am.  I have also finished four 5K races and the Warrior Dash last September.  I owe Jonathan everything!  He has been patient, caring, supportive, and has held me accountable.  I will continue to work with Jonathan and continue my healthy journey I have started.  Anyone would be lucky to have him as their personal trainer!

Alyssa Guard | Age 25 | Lost over 30 lbs and 15 inches


I’ve always been the person who tried different cleanses, did the “at home” beach body videos, and had a Planet Fitness membership with no success. I would stick it out for about a month at a time and give up. At the time I didn’t realize that I needed structure and someone there to push me through my workouts and provide me with guidance. I met Jonathan at his gym’s grand opening in July and started seriously working out with him at the end of September. When I started I wasn’t at my heaviest weight but I was certainly close. I did the 28-Day Slim Down Challenge that RWCT held, in combination with his bootcamp and crossfit classes and I immediately saw results, dropping 10 lbs. That was the push I needed to realize that I could do this. Since then I have adopted a healthier lifestyle, go to the gym regularly, and also do personal training sessions with Jonathan. It has been about 7 months since I’ve started working out with him and I have almost lost 30 lbs and have gone from a size 10 to 4. Most importantly, I’m the strongest I’ve ever been. Every other gym I went to I always felt as if I was being judged so I would immediately go to the closest treadmill or elliptical. As cliché as it sounds, I feel like I have a family at River Walk. Everyone is so supportive of each other and we push one another to hit that PR or finish a workout. I can certainly say that this is by far the best gym with the best trainer and owe my success to him! If you’re looking for someone who truly cares about his clients and their progress, take the time and go see Jonathan and the River Walk Cross Training Team!



Mary Duffy | Age 68 | Lost 56 lbs and 25% Body Fat


I was always in good shape, working out regularly and watching my diet until “life happened”. Kids, caregiver for my Mom, etc. In January of 2007 my Mom passed away, my kids had progressed through college and into their own lives, and I had been empty-nesting for a couple of years….still not paying attention to, and taking care of MYSELF(same old story). During the holidays of 2008, getting ready for parties, trying to make myself look “pretty”, I looked in the mirror one day and all I saw was my Mom’s face. Mine wasn’t there any more. Soooo… another New Year’s resolution was born. THIS WAS IT!!!! I was turning 60 in July, my weight was up to 176 and Body Fat somewhere in the mid 40’s percentile. I knew that as the coming years went by, that I would still turn another year older, but would I still be stuck, or would I have transformed myself into the person that was screaming to emerge? I began by doing one-on-one Pilates Reformer. I was then introduced to a trainer named Lynne. In November of that year Lynne moved on and handed me off to Bobby. This is Bobby: When you know that the trainer is giving you totally individualized and tailored workouts for you personally, and not the same workout for everyone he sees that day/week. ​He really pays attention to my progress, makes me accountable, ​remembers my personal goals, individual needs, tweaking workouts, ​giving honest feed back ​and ​encouragement when deserved. When you never know what the upcoming workout will contain, because it is always different, fresh and new, motivational and unique, which in turn kept ME motivated throughout the rest of the week, eager to progress, and able to figure out my own individual workouts without him, looking forward to coming to the next session. He really loves his job and it shows.

I am turning 69 years young this July and now weigh 124 lbs, and have 20% body fat and am, literally, in the best shape of my life, thanks to this incredibly talented and supportive Personal Trainer, Bobby C.  ​​Thank You, Bobby!!!

Harlene Sprei | Age 48 | Lost over 122 lbs, 75 inches, 35% Body Fat


​When I walked into​ Bobby’s gym in Feb of 2009, I was a 250 pound ​woman ​who hated the way ​she looked ​and felt. I was​ tired of people’s compliments because I didn’t feel worthy of them because ​of my weight. I couldn’t see the person they saw and I wanted to so badly. ​So I signed up for personal training with Bobby and realized that I WANTED to lose the weight forever. ​All of my success has to do with Bobby! It has been his kindness, knowledge, support and positive attitude that has helped me achieve my 122 pound weight loss journey!! ​​The first time I stepped on the scale was on 4/7/09 and I didn’t step on it again until almost 2 months later and was I shocked when I saw that I had lost 12 pounds, and that is when I realized that I COULD lose weight. Bobby’s training sessions are always challenging, interesting and fun! I never know what to expect which is what I like. This makes me want to come back for more of our sessions. Bobby has shown me how to set small goals and incorporate heart rate monitor training in to my routines. His motto of “Challenge Yourself” has taught me how not only set a goal, but go after it and achieve it!!! To date I have lost a total of 122 pounds, 75 inches and 35% body fat! ​​Thanks to Bobby, I now know I can achieve anything I want, one small challenge at a time!!!


Tammy Spisto | Age 50 | Lost  52lbs


I started training with Bobby fall of 2009. I weighed around 207 pounds. I have hypothyroid disease, high cholesterol & boarder-line diabetic. I was told by my Doctor that if I didn’t change I would have a heart attack with in 5 years. I was 43 years old. Then came every excuse on why I couldn’t lose weight. I hired Bobby!! Best thing ever!!! I have lost 52Lb and kept it off with a few bumps in road and have maintain a healthy weight! My weight has stayed round 155-160. Our workouts are intense, different and always motivating. He has help become healthier in the way I eat. No dieting!! I change my eating habits. I no longer have high cholesterol, or a diabetic. Thyroid is always a work in progress…I actually enjoy working out, I never thought I would say that when I started. ​When friends ask who my trainer and will he help me I say absolutely. Bobby is one of those trainers who genuinely loves what he does! He is so passionate about fitness. He takes the time to get to know your strengths and weakness helps you overcome them. He totally motivates you to keep going, some people hire a trainer they get bored or think they can do it on their own.. then stop.. guess what, the weight comes back. I have stayed with for 3.5 years for a reason. ​He has other clients that have been with him longer. His workouts are never boring and always new and different. Challenging and they get results!!! d will he help me I say absolutely.

Bobby is one of those trainers who genuinely loves what he does! He is so passionate about fitness. He takes the time to get to know ​your strengths and weakness helps you overcome them. He totally motivates you to keep going, some people hire a trainer they get ​bored or think they can do it on their own..then stop.. guess what, the weight comes back. I have stayed with him for 9 years for a reason. ​He has other clients that have been with him longer. His workouts are never boring and always new and different, very challenging and they ​get results!!!

Faith Hack | Age 75 | Lost 51 lbs

I have been training with Bobby since 2012. He has help me to achieve many important goals, many of which he introduced me to, Strength and weight loss were my initial targets. Continuous commitment to exercise and fitness and the importance of healthy food choices have become ​part of my new life style largely due to Bobby’s ever present encouragement. I’ve lost over 50 pounds and gained stamina, strength and balance!!! I would definitely recommend him as a trainer. He has great expertise in his field. His good habits are catching. He has a strong work ethic and the workouts are varied and are never boring. There is always humor and encouragement even when you think you can’t do another rep. I look forward to every workout!!!

Jen Champagne | Age 50 | Lost 26lbs

Greg Palyo | Age 35 | Lost over 40lbs and 20 inches


Emily Maud | Age 35 | Lost over 40lbs and 20 inches
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